Bridal Bouquet

There are a variety of styles bridal bouquet depending on the shape and type of blooms.
Each of the types of bouquets will help the bride say something different.
Make sure that the style of your dress matches the style of your bouquet. Sometimes certain dresses and certain bouquets just don’t mix.


Round Bouquet

Working well with almost all wedding dress styles.
The round shape can be made larger or smaller depending on the bride’s needs and preferences.
Round Bouquet are easy to make and and cheaper to purchase.










Loose Bouquet – Hand-tied

Hand-tied bouquets have a fresh-picked feel.
Tied with ribbon, fabric, twine…
Ideal for outdoor venues or beach weddings.









Cascade Bouquet

Drop down flowers
Make sure to keep your gown and other accessories simple.
You can use any type of flower for this bouquet so there’s lots to choose from.









Pageant Bouquet

Dramatic long-stemmed bouquets to be arm held down the aisle.
Stunning alternative for a more modern wedding.









Nosegay Bouquet

Perfect as bridesmaid bouquets, due to their small size.
Stems are wrapped tightly with organza or satin ribbon.









Posy Bouquet

Small and round bouquet so it can be held easily in one hand.
Posy bouquet is often-chosen for brides and bridesmaids alike.









Pomander Bouquet – Kissing Ball

Perfectly round spheres of blooms with ribbon handle.
This bouquet type is great for flowers girls or as ceremony decor as well.










Glamelia – Composite Bouquet

Giant flower create from petals.
Glamelia Bridal Bouquets are truly a work of art.











Bouquet Flowers

Fresh, Silk, Satin, Jewelry, Petals, Feather …….
































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